CNC Machining

At Cutting Edge Industries intricate CNC milled components are our specialty. Our multi-axis capabilities allow us to take on a wide variety of components in an efficient manner. Our machine capacity and tooling are especially suited to smaller components with challenging features. If your company requires components with superb finishes, close tolerances and tight delivery times Cutting Edge Industries is the vendor for you.


At Cutting Edge Industries we understand that finding a reliable source for complex one-off and small run components is a challenge. We are able to supply prototype components with short lead times to help your company test concepts, designs, and functionality. Cutting Edge Industries can respond rapidly to changes and work with your company to ensure you take delivery of the best possible machined parts. Email us a solid model or drawing for a quote anytime.

CAD/CAM Design

Does your company have a concept that it wants to make a tangible reality? Does your organization want to streamline a product for production? Would you like the design input from an individual specializing in the manufacture of CNC machined components. Cutting Edge Industries is able to provide these services and more. With computer solid modeling and mechanical design experience we are able to make your concept a reality.